Articles in Journals and Proceedings

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Drafts and Preprints

  1. Matteo Bruno, Renaud Lambiotte, Fabio Saracco: Brexit and bots: characterizing the behaviour of automated accounts on Twitter during the UK election, arXiv:2107.14155

  2. Manuel Pratelli, Marinella Petrocchi, Fabio Saracco, Guido Caldarelli, and Rocco De Nicola: Trading between effectiveness and computational costs in bot detection, Presented at ITASEC 2020

Media coverage

  1. Guido Caldarelli, Rocco De Nicola, Marinella Petrocchi, Fabio Saracco:
    L'uso dei bot nel dibattito sui migranti, La Scienza in rete
    (in Italian)

  2. Marinella Petrocchi, Fabio Saracco:
    L'uso dei bot nel dibattito sui migranti, Agenda Digitale
    (in Italian)

  3. Fabio Saracco:
    Statistical Physics of Twitter users' interactions
    Bulletin of the American Physical Society

  4. Guido Caldarelli, Rocco De Nicola, Marinella Petrocchi, and Fabio Saracco:
    Information Spreading and the Role of Automated Accounts on Twitter: Two Case Studies,
    in Democracy and Fake News: Information Manipulation and Post-Truth Politics, edited by Routledge