Toffee On Tour

Dissemination activities

All the dissemination activities of the TOFFEE project can be found in the present page, from the latest to the oldest.

  • 1st TOFFEe workshop, IMT School of Advanced Studies Lucca, Cappella Guinigi; 24-25 October 2019
  • Workshop on Reducing Online Misinformation Exposure (ROME) 2019 (as part of the SIGIR 2019), Cité des Sciences, Paris, France; 25 July 2019; url
  • NEM (New European Media) Summit 2019, Mimara Museum, Zagreb, Croatia; 22-23 May 2019; url
  • Information at a time of fake news, disinformation and post-truth politics, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy; 6-7 May 2019; url
  • TOFFEE PAI project kick-off, IMT School of Advanced Studies Lucca, Cappella Guinigi, Lucca; 17 April 2019; url.